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Erosion and submersion

The main goals of the thematic working group on erosion and submersion are:
- Build a reflection on governance (towards elected officials and the public) to present at the “Forum Land-Sea”, and recommendations to prefigure a decision-making help guide tool for elected representatives;
- strengthen with its reflections other projects in which CAMP Var partners are involved (Marittimo ...)
- allow stakeholders of the Var County to take a more active part in the project’s reflections and contribute directly to the emergence of the Forum Land-Sea;
- share best practices from Var in terms of managing change and climate variability in France and in the Mediterranean and vice versa.

The workshops led initially the preparation of the Forum and initiated a reflection from the identified issues and defined areas of work as follows:

- Practitioners, managers, scientists, state services, what and what role vis-à-vis the needs of elected officials?
- How to understand the performances, educate and engage the general public?